KingofComputing asked: went to your website and found your ebay, put those in my watchlist so if i decide to buy and grow i'll get them from you, a LOT cheaper then what i was looking at before! just want to know, since it's late in the growing season for us up north, will these seeds keep if i stick them in the freezer like vegetable seeds?

SMC: Sweet! Yes, low overhead = low prices, we contract on a very small scale with a few people in central wa who grow the mother plants for us! Yes if you are in the northern states, its a little late to start. The good thing is that the seeds grown for 2011 is a tremendous year with a near 99% germination rate, the most important factor is humidity exposure, but these come in a fresh sealed plastic baggie, so they are stable for a few years so long as you keep them in a cool dry spot. These seeds are very tiny and fragile so I wouldn't recommend putting them in your freezer, standard seed handling techniques do not apply for these babys!

You can order either from our website or our ebay listings, I highly recommend the 2011 year, its been the best germination year yet! I think between our growers and our studies, our seeds offer a very high value for your dollar!

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