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Fresh harvested for the 2011 growing season.  The Nisqually grown Virginia Tobacco seeds contained in this auction are easy, fast growing and can be grown in a variety of climate zones in the United States and are ideal for growing in pots!  With just a few steps of planning and preparation, you will be on your way to having a patio crop in no time, or enhancing the atmosphere of your herf room with a real tobacco plant!

This particular strain of Virginia seed is acclimated for climate zone 5 however will do well in lower zones and all warmer zones! Ideal for growing in 5 gallon pots where space is limited; may also be planted in the ground.  

Nisqually grown Virginia Tobacco:  Annual, 36"-60" inches tall, base leaves, approx 24 long

The mother plant has been grown in a healthy and nutrient rich (registered organic) soil for growing organic agriculture.

Per your region's historical weather patterns, early crops may be sown as early as 4 weeks prior to the last frost!  Time to sow seeds: March - June!!!

Surf Monkey Coconut's tobacco flavor profiles:
Havana tobacco
is a bold varietal, (USA grown), seed particularly good as a cigar wrapper for its long leaves, smooth appearances and flavor once cured.

Virginia tobacco
is commonly used as a cigarette tobacco, or if rolling cigars, it is a perfect companion to our Havana tobacco:
A recommended blend for home cigar growers is a 30% Havana, 70% Virginia w/ a Havana wrapper.

Connecticut tobacco
is a wonderful, silky, wrapper leaf that lightens a cigar in both color and flavor.  Use the above filler blend with a Connecticut wrapper for a milder tasting cigar.

Havana and Connecticut seed are now available in other Surf Monkey Coconut auctions!

Tobacco growing is now even easier with our new 'Surf Monkey Coconut' "How to grow Tobacco" instruction booklet, included with this auction! 

Full color, glossy pages, pocket sized and easy to read!  6-pages of detailed step by step, time stamped instructions guide you through the growing stages of your new plant from seed to harvest!  

A unique gift that can't be found elsewhere!!!! 

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A satisfied customer's submitted Havana photos from Mid-March 2009!!!  (Photos by Tom)

Havana plant at 3 months

WOW!!!  These Havana seeds were purchased from us in Mid-December 2008 and sown shortly there after; the customer lives in a warm climate zone that does not experience a proper winter, which allowed him to start earlier than the rest of us!!!  Very exciting!  These are very healthy Tobacco plants that were recently transplanted into the ground.  Tobacco is naturally pest resistant with a slightly sticky coating, and these look like they are well on their way to being a banner harvest!

At this stage, these plants will soon accelerate in growth and will hopefully achieve 6'-7' in height in about 2 months! 

Given how fast these tiny seeds grow, its easy to see how Tobacco plants become an obsession for most who thought they were just starting a hobby!

Havana at 3 months
Remember to water daily and fertilize per directions!

Thanks for sending these photos! 

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